UU Danbury BUY-centennial Auction

Mark your calendar for February 11, 2023!

From the Auction Committee  

Our 2022 auction for UU Danbury will be held February 11, 2023. This will give us plenty of opportunity to make generous offers of our time, talent, and treasure. We are inviting anyone who’s interested in: 

  • designing a logo
  • doing data entry for our online auction,
  • writing articles for weekly and monthly newsletters to keep members up to date with auction happenings,
  • soliciting and sending testimonial clips to increase excitement,
  • making phone calls to solicit donations,
  • interning to use the Bidding Owl auction website,
  • editing, taking pictures, and writing copy for donations,
  • tech support to keep Bidding Owl and the auction night running smoothly,
  • keeping spreadsheets… to name just a few things…

The opportunities for involvement are endless we would love to have your help as we enter our tricentennial. Mark your calendar for February 11, 2023. In the meantime send an email to Lisa Horton or Barb Myers and let us know you want to be part of our Auction Production Team. We’re fun to work with!