UUCD 2023 Auction Cheat Sheet

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Still have questions? Ask Barb or Lisa.
Email: auction@uudanbury.org anytime!
Preview everything Jan 31 – Feb 2 at the BiddingOwl auction website. Purchase items and buy your tickets for the live zoom event from Feb 3-10 at BiddingOwl.
To bid on anything, you must register at the BiddingOwl website. You can do that anytime.

To Bid:

  1. Click the green box on the upper left of the page.
  2. A menu drops down with categories.
  3. Click any category to preview:
  4. Items for sale will be either Silent, Online or Live.

“Silent” Items:

⦁ First, view the listings. Then click on an item you are interested in to read the full description and to place a bid. To place a bid or buy – if available at a fixed price, use the item number below the listing as prefix plus two additional numbers for multiple offerings.
⦁ For example: Item #31 is a dinner with 8 seats available at a “fixed” price. At the bottom item #31’s
page, you are directed to items #3101-3108 (a different number for each seat). Select an item number(s) and type it into the search bar to purchase one or more.

To Bid on or Purchase “Online” Items:

1- Click the itemand type in your bid. An Opening bid price is shown and you can limit how high you bid. If you checked the box for alerts when you registered, the site will alert you as others bid on the item.

2- Fixed Price Items:
Many of our Dinners and Events are “fixed price.” For these you should use the “BUY NOW!” button, rather the “Bid” button. This guarantees you the seat. Nobody else can bid on it.

Try the “Enter” key if nothing happens at first!

3- Using the Search bar to find an Item: If you type a descriptive word into the Search Bar (example: Music), it will bring you to the items.. If an item is posted as Silent, there will be more than one of an item (for example seats at an event), and 4-digit numbers will be listed at the bottom of the description.
You can enter one of the 4-digit item numbers into the Search Bar to find an available item, OR, clear the
Search bar and use the green dropdown menu to view Category listings. You can also go back up to the
underlined category (example: Dinners and Events)


Under the “Fund-a-Need” category you will find admission tickets, raffle tickets, and opportunities to help fund our 8th Principle non-profits. None of your Fund-a-Need purchases go toward Matching Funds.

8th Principle

⦁ Support one or both of our nonprofits’ needs. Your purchase will appear on your final invoice.

Raffle Tickets

⦁ Buy tickets singly or in a batch. Purchases will
appear on your final invoice.
⦁ You will receive raffle ticket numbers via email. The winning raffle ticket will be drawn during the show
(you do not have to be there to win). Admission Tickets & Night of the Show Via Zoom
⦁ Buy tickets for $15 each. You will receive a personal Zoom link via email to attend the night of the show.
Nobody else can use this link.
⦁ Log on February 11 at 6 pm to your Zoom link
⦁ Enjoy! Jerry Phelps and others will perform to entertain us all. Peter Horton will be Master of
Ceremonies and auctioneer.
⦁ Door prizes will be announced intermittently, and the raffle ticket winner will be announced.
⦁ You can preview the Live Auction Items on the auction website, but they are ONLY available for
purchase during the Live event.
⦁ Be ready to spend! It goes quickly!
⦁ Do your live bidding on the Zoom chat screen. Peter will broadcast the outcomes!

When all of the bidding is closed, the auction team will invoice you for your delicious, delightful and spectacular purchases!