Category: Our 200-year Anniversary

Notes on 200 Years (and More)

by Douglas H. Parkhurst 

This month’s article is adapted from the “Welcome” given by this writer at the bicentennial celebration service of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury, Connecticut, (UUCD) on
Sunday morning, October 16, 2022.

We are here on a very special Sunday. Today we … read more.

200 Years and More – Our History

In 2022, UUCD Member, Doug Parkhurst wrote a series of articles, Notes on 200 Years (and More), in our monthly newsletters. To read – or print – a compilation of all these articles, commemorating our 200th anniversary please click here. If you have … read more.

Upcoming Events

From the Auction Committee

Thank you to our generous cooks, bakers, mice makers, drivers, and other auction item donors. And thanks to the wonderful folks who have purchased items from our Holiday Flash Sale. 

We have raised over $1,000 and haven’t even had our auction yet! 

You still … read more.