AARP Safe Driver Course

June 6th, 2018 9:00 am -1:00 pm at UU Danbury

UU Danbury will be hosting the AARP Smart Driver Course.  This course provides research-based information to help you update your driving knowledge and skills.  By participating in this course, you are taking advantage of an important opportunity to learn how to drive more safely and confidently.

The 4-HOUR course is intended for people 50 and older but anyone can attend.  The course is FREE, however, each participant is required to purchase the driver’s manual ($15.00 for AARP member, $20.00 for non-members).  Upon completion of the 4-hour course, a certificate will be issued.  There are no tests, written or verbal associated with this program.  It is recommended that if you are married, both partners should attend.

This class is open to all members and friends of UU Danbury and their spouses or partners.  The course will be facilitated by Joe Gillotti.  Joe is a volunteer certified AARP Smart Driver Instructor.  To register email the office at office manager or call Joe Gillotti (203-730-9440), by May 29, 2018.  Advanced registration is required, a limit of 15 attendees will apply.

 Connecticut residents, 62 years of age and older, who are the primary driver in their household, are eligible for a discount from their insurance company for a period of 2 to 3 years with some insurance companies offering a discount up to 5%.   Be sure and contact your insurance company to determine all limitations, percentage of discount, and time limits associated with possible insurance discounts.