Mary Ann Kulla, Chair, 203-792-3426,

Meets Bi-Monthly on the Second Thursday, 7:00 p.m.

On Thursday, November 14, from 7:00-9:00 the Book Conversations group will be discussing Tailspin written by Steven Brill.  This book covers the years 1967-2017 and looks at the changes to our economic system, the financial system and our government.  Most of these changes have been powered by the best and brightest minds, often with good intentions, or by big business funding big-money lobbying and by the incessant need for our politicians to constantly raise money. The demise of labor unions, and a series of changes to how the government is run, has resulted in an ineffective or hamstrung bureaucracy.  The middle and lower class population has lost ground and become increasingly angry, hopeless and vulnerable, while the upper economic echelon is more secure and more remote than ever.
But Brill also introduces us to organizations working quietly and effectively behind the scenes to counteract the damage.  At once a diagnosis of our national ills, a history of their development, and a prescription for a brighter future, Tailspin is a book worth reading – and a welcome antidote to despair.