Movies with a Message

Movies with a Message – Second Friday Cinema –  June 2019


As you probably all know, along the path from mistaken venture to wisdom’s laughter are many snares, such as those set by habit, ego, insensitivity.  There are some snares that have no name, and some that make the path nearly impossible to follow.

7:00 p.m. – Dear Kimberly – A temporary office worker has a secret crush on a co-worker.  On his last day of assignment, he decides to reveal his feelings to her.  Her reaction should provide for a lively discussion!

7:10 p.m. – The Healer – Whatever image the title of our feature film conjures up in your mind, the image is probably wrong.  In our June feature, living irresponsibly has brought a young man serious trouble, the solution to which demands return to his family home.  There he learns that he has an awesome gift, but one that opens a path that he really doesn’t want to follow.

9:05 – 9:30 p.m. – Time for wrap-up and discussion.


We believe that good experiences are even more fulfilling when shared with others.  To this end, our objective each month is to present films of substance in a living room setting and to provide an opportunity to discuss with friends.  Please join us on Friday, June 14th at 7:00 p.m. in the UUCD Conference Room.  As usual, all are welcome.  Pizza will be provided.  Popcorn optional!  Contributions will be gratefully accepted, all of which will go to the UUCD.


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