RE Kick-Off

RE Kick-Off – Sunday, September 15th


We have 31 Volunteers and several others that will be asked to fill in some Gaps in the Purple and Blue groups.

We need two more volunteers on REMT!


The curriculum for this year is:

Orange Group            Pre-K to Grade 2                    Wonderful Welcome

Green Group              3rd through 5th Grade            Toolbox of Faith and Spirit of Adventure

Blue Group                 6th through 8th Grade            The Questing Year

Purple Group             9th through 12th grade           Led by Brad & Lisa Greene and Samantha McCoy

9th – 11th Grade will be “Coming of Age”

12th Graders will be “Bridging “


More information about specific groups and curriculum can be found at: https://UU


Registration for RE is required!  Please take a moment to register your child if they will be attending this year.  The link can be found at the same web link referenced above.