Spiritually Speaking

COMING SOON TO A Unitarian Universalist Congregation near you
“Spiritually Speaking Gathering”
presented by the Adult Education Ministry here at UUCD

This once a month meeting is for all UUCD Members and Friends.  A wonderful opportunity is ahead for all participants to discover more about themselves. You will be learning, practicing and improving your over-all communications and listening skills.  You will have the opportunity to exercise your social and speaking skills covering a wide range of topic.  Just consider some of the following topics to pick from – spiritual subjects, wide range of personal stories, book summaries, uplifting life events, travel experiences, health subjects, family stories, anecdotal observations, on-and-on-and-on.  These talks will be a 3 to 5 minute exercise only (religion & politics excluded).

This is the best part – No Sign-up, come to the meeting when you feel you want to share.  Attend when you want to improve your current skills, help others, expand your level of personal growth, meet with like-minded people, get something of your chest, or just give up “TV” for one night.

Here is a brief outline of what you can learn if you are interested. The following topics will be covered over time; how to be relaxed and confident in groups, preparation and mental preparation, eye contact, expressions, gestures, vocal qualities and intonation, using simple direct words, refrain from using fillers, rhetorical questions, timed pauses, rehearsal, posture, using 3×5 file cards and much more.

We will meet the THIRD TUESDAY of every month in the Conference room, 7:00 m to 9:00 pm, beginning September 17th.  There will be a monthly reminder in the Sunday Order of Service.  The Adult Education Ministry is asking for a $5.00 donation at each meeting. Except for the small cost of lite refreshments, 100% of the remaining donated dollars will be returned in full to UUCD.

Joe Gillotti will be leading the meeting.  Joe has worked as a business consultant and independent/company contract trainer since the mid-eighties. He has completed the International Toastmaster Training CTM, and has a wide range of experience teaching health, stress management, Yoga and Yoga philosophy since the early seventies.