Sunday Service: A Welcome Mat for Vampires, Ghosts, and Monsters

Sunday, October 31st         A Welcome Mat for Vampires, Ghosts, and Monsters         DRE Sierra-Marie Gerfao

Halloween is a day when our imaginative play includes even things that might frighten us. Many pagans also celebrate Samhain, a celebration of a new year. We’ll consider what it means to welcome even our fears as we move into a new year. If you are coming to this service in person, you are invited to bring a piece of ribbon, yarn, or thin rope (a foot or two long) with the names of a couple of your beloved ancestors written on or tied on to your ribbon, yarn, or rope. If you are participating online, you are invited to have a few longer pieces (about three feet each) of ribbon, yarn, or thin rope available (it is also okay to just use your imagination). We will bring the strength of our ancestors to face our fears and embrace what is to come. The yarn, ribbon, or rope you bring will stay in the Fellowship Hall for a couple weeks.