Sunday Service: Answering Prayer

Sunday, December 5th                                                    Answering Prayer                                           Rev. Fred L Hammond

Not all prayers are requests to a deity for divine interventions.  Some prayers are of the kind that we, mere mortals, can answer best. Might we be of service in answering these prayers?


Fred L Hammond currently serves the Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bradenton, FL as Developmental Minister. Prior to this he served congregations in Mississippi and Alabama.  In 2007, he received his Master of Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and was ordained by the Danbury UU Congregation. His Master of Science in Counselor Education from Western CT State University was received in 1983.  He was the co-founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith AIDS Ministry in Danbury, CT. He was the co-founder of Druid City Pride, a non-profit agency addressing LGBTQ+ rights in Tuscaloosa, AL; a co-founder of the grassroots organization Somos Tuskaloosa addressing immigration issues; and is a co-founder of Stronger Together Reaching Equality Across Manatee (STREAM), an interfaith grassroots organization addressing justice issues in Manatee County. He writes poetry, short stories, enjoys photographing nature, and tracing his genealogical roots. One of his poems was published in the Skinner House Book, The Spirit that Moves edited by Rev. Barbara Child.