Sunday Service: Discovering America Again

Sunday, October 10th                                    Discovering America Again                                     Rev. Clyde Grubbs

In the fifteenth century Christian Europe asserted the right to conquer and subjugate the non-Christian peoples of Africa and the Americas. The result was enslavement and genocide of many peoples. How can we re-discover an America of peace and justice?


Clyde Grubbs is a Unitarian Universalist minister who served congregations in Indiana, Quebec, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and California. He is presently serving as Minister at Large of the Tuckerman Creative Ministries for Justice and Healing. Clyde honors his Native American heritage (Texas Cherokee) which informs his spiritual understanding and practice, and his anti-racist and anti-oppressive commitment. He has worked for peace, justice and equality since he was in the Unitarian Universalist youth movement, Liberal Religious Youth.