Sunday Service: Options for the After Life

Sunday, September 15th                                                                                                                  Options for the After Life                                                                               Maredith Spector and Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown is the Executive Director at Wilton Congregational Church and Hillside Cemetery.  There will be information on differing types of burials, rituals, and options including green burials.  Following the Service there will be a Death Cafe* at 11:30 for anyone wishing to participate.

*This service will be the beginning of a three part Right to Flourish series exploring choices along the path at end of life.  One such choice for Right to Flourish was to rename ‘Death Cafe’ to indicate the choices that can be made at points on the path.  While “Last Rights” seemed like a good name to some, it did meet with push back from others.   Join us on Sunday, September 15th to hear about After Life options and to learn the new name to replace “Death Cafe”.