Sunday Service: Remember the Worker


Sunday, May 2nd                                       Remember The Worker!                                                         Joe Jencks

International touring musician, storyteller, and lay UU preacher Joe Jencks will lead the service focusing on a celebration of work and workers. Singing songs of solidarity and sharing stories of community, history, and hope for the future.  We will honor May Day with a service dedicated to many facets of labor and an invitation to value the work we each have done and continue to do in the world. We will also Share the Plate with the  Connecticut Worker Center, a non-profit supporting those who work in other people’s homes providing house-cleaning, childcare and eldercare. Many of these workers are immigrants who have been out of work during the pandemic. Come help us create a more just society for all.


Joe Jencks is a 22-year veteran of the international Folk circuit, an award-winning songwriter and a celebrated vocalist based in the Chicago area. He is known for his performances of musical beauty, social consciousness and spiritual exploration. Joe delivers engaged musical narratives filled with heart, soul, groove and grit. Blending well-crafted instrumentals and vivid songwriting, Jencks serves it all up with a lyric baritone voice that has the edgy richness of a good sea-salt caramel. Co-founder of the harmony trio Brother Sun, Jencks has penned several #1 Folk-songs including the ever-relevant Lady of The Harbor. He has become a fan favorite throughout North America and beyond. Joe has performed and preached in over 200 Unitarian Universalist congregations in the US, Canada, and Ireland, and is also a dual US-Irish citizen. Jencks was also a Cultural Ambassador with the US State Department. For more info, please visit: