Sunday Service: The Virus and the Veil: Samhain in a Time of Plague

Sunday, October 25th                            The Virus and the Veil: Samhain in a Time of Plague                 Rev. Molly Brewer

In many Pagan and Neopagan traditions, Samhain–coinciding with the celebration of Halloween and All Souls–marks the end of the old year and the start of the new, and offers opportunity for us to honor those who have passed this year as well as our ancestors both of blood and spirit. Lore tells us that the veil separating the world of the living from the Otherworld is thin at this time of year; and in a year when over 200,000 lives have been lost to a preventable contagion, we must be more mindful than ever of our relationships and responsibilities both to those who have passed as well as to those who continue to live. Join us for an invitation into ritual, reflection, and remembrance, and let this time of profound loss influence our purpose.


Rev. Molly Brewer (fae/faer/faers) is the Youth Ministry Coordinator of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York, and lives in Portland, Maine with faer spouse and two cats. Fae has served as ministerial intern of the First Universalist Church of Auburn, Maine and as a group facilitator with the Church of the Larger Fellowship. In addition to being a Unitarian Universalist, Rev. Molly also identifies as a Pagan polytheist, which deeply informs faer approach to worship and congregational life.