Sunday Service: They Enable Us To See: Non-Jewish Rescue of Jewish Memory in Poland

Sunday, August 25th                                 They Enable Us To See: Non-Jewish Rescue of Jewish Memory in Poland                                                                    Leora Tec

Leora Tec has recently returned from seven months in Poland which she spent interviewing non-Jewish Poles who devote themselves to preserving Jewish memory. Leora will introduce us to some of these amazing people and will share clips from video interviews she conducted with them in Poland. Leora Tec is a writer, speaker and the founder and director of Bridge To Poland, an organization which seeks to educate people about Jewish history in Poland with an emphasis on how the Jews of Poland are being remembered by non-Jewish Poles today.

Leora is a partner of Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN in Lublin, Poland and a Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellow from Wellesley College (2018-2019). Current projects include: A video archive of conversations with non-Jewish rescuers of memory in Poland in partnership with Brama Grodzka; a presentation/performance called, “Remembrance of Things Past: Keeping the Stories of Jewish Poland Alive,” in partnership with Witek Dąbrowski, deputy director of Brama Grodzka and a memoir about her relationship to Poland. Leora holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and a J.D./LL.M. in foreign and international law from Duke University School of Law. She enjoys reading, writing, learning languages and doing improvisational comedy.