Sunday Service

February Services – One Service at 10:00 a.m.


Sunday, February 3rd                                                                                                         Fail Better                                                                                                Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone, M.Div.

“Failure” is a regular part of life, but how we define failure and what we do with our “failed attempts” is where real transformation occurs. Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone has been a science and peace educator for almost 30 years. She is also a jazz vocalist and published author. She will be ordained into the Unitarian Universalist ministry on April 7th, 2019.


First Sunday Connections Group  – 11:30 – 12:30 in the Conference Room

  • Meet members of the Congregation
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Ask questions about UU Danbury

Childcare will be provided.  This group is geared towards newcomers, however all are welcome.



Sunday, February 10th                                                                                         Love Isn’t Love ‘Till  You Give It Away                      DRE Darlene Anderson-Alexander, Val Cochrane, Ali Haffner, and Prism       

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are gathering for all-congregation worship to take our love out into the world!  Join us for readings & ritual with lots of Valentine-making in between.  Folk-rock Trio “Prism” will be playing throughout the Service.  A collection of items for folks living at “Homes for the Brave” will be taken (see Roots & Wings article for details).



Sunday, February 17th                                                                                                      Being Bothandian                                                                                                 Rev. Heather Rion Starr

Unitarian Universalist minister Rev. Jaco ten Hove uses the adjective ‘Bothandian’ to talk about engaging with both scientific and religious thought—to cultivate, within ourselves, ‘the ability to honor and utilize [multiple] methods of [reflection]—,’ to help coax ourselves ‘beyond over-specialization into more holistic wisdom, which…is very much called for these days.’ What does all that actually mean and is there some wisdom here that we can apply to our lives, communities, country and world?



Sunday, February 24th                                                              Our Broken Immigration System: Fact or Fiction                                                                               Alicia Kinsman                              

Alicia Kinsman is the managing attorney for the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants.  We will be inviting local immigrant community leaders and elected officials to share this presentation with us.