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UUCD’s 2023 Auction

Over the years, UUCD auction fund-raisers have helped us thrive and have fun! At our BiddingOwl website  you will be able to browse, purchase, bid and outbid for goods and services starting 9am, Feb. 3 until 5pm Feb. 10. To bid or purchase, you need to register. This auction is called Buy-Centennial commemorating UU Danbury’s 200th anniversary.

Enjoy the Live Auction Via Zoom!

From 6-8 pm, February 11, UUCD’s Jerry Phelps, five other vocalists and Master of Ceremonies, Peter Horton, will entertain you and inspire your generous bids! Tickets will be on sale at  BiddingOwl website  and a Zoom link will be emailed to ticket holders. The UUCD Live Auction is guaranteed to be a good time!

8th Principle: Fund Projects for Two Local Organizations

This fund-raiser supports both UUCD and advances our 8th Principle. READ MORE There are direct support projects for two local organizations that you can fund on our BiddingOwl website:

Matching Donations:

You can make a matching donation by either matching a percent of the auction proceeds, or donating any amount. 

  • For example: match 2% and if we raise $10,000, your matching donation is $200. 
  • You may also donate any flat amount, or cap your matching donation – it’s up to you! 
  • All matching donations are welcome. 
  • Email Eva DeFranco: with questions or to donate. 
  • Matching donations will not be applied to the 8th Principle outreach. 

For any other questions please contact 
Let’s raise money and have fun!