UUA Dues Info

You can pay for you UUA Dues online through Simple Give at my.simplegive.com/dl/?uid=Unit24C203
Log in and select UUA Dues from the drop-down menu.

As you are likely aware our congregation is assessed annual dues payable to the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) and to the CER (Central East Region). As you may also be aware, at our Annual Meeting in June 2016, our congregation voted to assess and separately invoice each pledging member the aforementioned dues.

The practice of the UUA and CER has been to assess dues on a “per member” basis. This money helps to support the UUA and CER in their work. Among other things, they provide support for the yearly canvass, capital campaigns, the searches for interim and settled ministers, provide RE curricula and teaching materials, as well as information and national leadership about social and environmental justice work.

The Board and Finance Team are sensitive to the feedback that we have too many requests for money. For the 2018-19 budget we are working to incorporate everything into the pledge campaign and budget and avoid the separate “asks” and invoices. However, for this year the process of a separate invoice to meet our fair share obligations to the UUA and CER is still in effect.

The dues assessment for each pledging member is $90.00, payable in either one payment (due in March) or in three monthly installments (due in March, April, and May). You may also pay on line through Simple Give by logging in and selecting UUA Dues from the drop-down menu. You can easily access Simple Give at https://my.simplegive.com/dl/?uid=Unit24C203. Please note that this assessment is separate from your annual pledge to UU Danbury and should have no bearing on the amount of your pledge. If you feel unable to pay these dues, please contact Marie Dupree (Treasurer) at treasurer@uudanbury.org .

Please make your check payable to UU Danbury and enter UUA & CER dues on the memo line. Either mail it to UU Danbury, 24 Clapboard Ridge Rd., Danbury, CT 06811 or put it in the collection plate at a Sunday Service.

Thank you very much!