Teams & Ministries

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference within and outside our community. We have many teams and ministries which are charged with doing the diverse work of the congregation to help create the connected experience that our members have come to love. Visit us, join us; make a difference.

In addition to the teams and ministries listed below, there are many opportunities for organized activities for books, movies, theater and dining out as well as an annual women’s retreat. If safety and/or communications are your thing, we have you covered there too.

The Board of Trustees, made up of elected members, provides direction and management of the congregation’s property, employees and business affairs.

The Social Action Council coordinates a wide range of social action and outreach programs undertaken by members of the congregation.

Share the Plate is a social action and outreach program that we use to support other projects and organizations and the work they do. Here is a form to nominate a Share the Plate offering.
Read more about Share the Plate here.

The Racial Justice Forum acknowledges that we live in an increasingly diverse America, and that race continues to divide us because of unconscious bias, willful blindness, deeply ingrained systems of oppression, and the burdens of our history

The Racial Justice Forum is determined to play our part in bringing healing and justice to our society.

Our activities include: continuing education and dialogue, self-evaluation of our congregations and their inclusion practices, and offering witness on behalf of inclusion and racial justice.

Team Green develops programs to promote positive environmental actions at the personal, congregational and community levels.