We are a nurturing spiritual community. We explore, reflect, and learn together. We offer programs for all ages inspiring: 

        • Ethical Growth 
          • developing our values in a community with a longstanding commitment to justice, equity, and compassion, 
          • practicing putting our values into action
        • Social Growth 
          • connecting with others across generations 
          • finding acceptance among people who look beyond the superficial 
        • Spiritual Growth
          • experiencing awe and wonder or feeling a connection with the sacred within, among, and beyond us
          • exploring life’s deeper questions and honoring our own passages through various stages of life

We take a cooperative approach to our programs, creating them together. Many people find that getting involved in programs – whether participating or leading – can be a very fulfilling way to explore their own spiritual life, ideas, and questions, as well as to connect more deeply with others. 

Our Minister oversees this cooperative effort for adult programs, and our Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth oversees this effort for programs designed for kids, teens, and their families. They work together on multigenerational programming. Programs involve a range of activities, from social justice making, worship, trips, classes, community time, and fun. They are offered on a variety of days and times in order to meet the scheduling needs of participants. 

For more information about our programs for adults, contact our Minister to get connected. For more information about our programs for children, teens, and families, contact our Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth.