Month: February 2024

From Our Minister


Dear Beloveds,

Tensegrity is a term coined by architect Buckminster Fuller. The word is a contraction of tensional integrity. He wrote “Tensegrity describes a structural-relationship principle in which structural shape is guaranteed by the finitely closed, comprehensively continuous, tensional behaviors of the system and not … read more.

Spiritual Challenge – Interdependence

A Declaration of Interdependence”

Dear Beloveds,

No less than a dozen Declarations of Interdependence have been proclaimed, in one way, shape or form, since 1936.  These declarations have been made in an ecological context but have also dealt with racial and religious tolerance as well as interdependence … read more.

March Sunday Services

Sunday, March 3rd                                              A Saving Doubt                                                Rev. Paul Dodenhoff

The freedom to doubt, to question, to be content to live in Mystery is central to the liberal religious tradition. Like the process of evolution itself, the path that we follow, our practice if you will, is not … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

“Where is the front door?”

That was the question I was asked by a perplexed lady walking in the north parking lot. She was visiting the UUCD for the first time before our February 4th Sunday Service. As a relative newcomer myself, I have had moments of … read more.

Beginning Our Journey Beyond Land Acknowledgement

Beginning Our Journey Beyond Land Acknowledgement

By Nancy Hershatter, Todd Zagorec, and Darlene Anderson-Alexander

Last month, we were honored to welcome the Clan Mother and Tribal Head Leader of the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe, Shoran Waupatukuay Piper, to our pulpit. It was a wonderful way … read more.

Ministry/Team News

From the Caring Circle

Our Caring Circle is Available

Our ‘Care Coordinator’ receives requests and answers questions for the Caring Circle.

Bob Bollinger is the contact person for March and April.
Valerie Cochrane is the assistant.
If you have a need, please contact Bob.

Please note that your call will be returned as … read more.

Upcoming Events – March 2024

New Group for Caregivers of LGBTQIA+ Young People

Parents of LGBTQIA+ young people, please join us in gathering on the first Friday of every month from 7:30-9PM for mutual support and celebration of our kids. Our February meeting will take place on February 2nd.  Please … read more.

Notes on 200 Years and More

Notes on Two Hundred Years (and More)

by Douglas H. Parkhurst

This writer, while reviewing church archives, came across an old order of service. It is from First Universalist-Unitarian Church of Danbury (now Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury) and dated Sunday, March 14, 1965. Few orders of … read more.