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From Our Minister – Rev. Tony Lorenzen

“Mystery is the Meeting Place of Science and Spirituality”

Dear Beloveds,

A dozen years ago I read a book by journalist Steve Volk titled Fringe*ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable – And Couldn’t. Volk surveys the work being done to study various area of … read more.

December – SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE – Embrace Ambiguity and Paradox

SPIRITUAL CHALLENGEEmbrace Ambiguity and Paradox.

The winter holiday season presents many opportunities for meandering in mystery, intentionally inhabiting liminal space, wandering in wonder, and exploring ambiguities.  This is my challenge to you this December – Embrace ambiguity and paradox.

Virgins can’t give birth, the Roman … read more.

Spiritual Challenge for Nov. 2023: Generosity

Cultivate an Attitude of Abundance

My challenge to you for this month is to practice cultivating an abundance mindset. Abundance is sometimes presented in a magical thinking framework where if a person just has the right frame of mind, adopts positive thinking, and banishes negativity, riches … read more.

From our Minister, Rev. Tony Lorenzen

“A Generous View of History”

Each year as we approach Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to adopt a generous or miserly view of American History. This makes some of us grateful and it makes some of our fellow citizens angry. I’m grateful that uncritical and … read more.

Pathways to Membership

After the Service October 15 from 11-12:30, if interested, plan to attend: Pathway to Membership,
• Learn about Unitarian Universalism 
• Discover what UU Danbury can offer you 
• Receive information about how to become a member 

The Membership Team at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury is invites … read more.

From our Minister

How My Family and I became White

Dear Beloveds,

Our theme for October is Heritage. My Sundays with you during the coming month will touch upon various aspects of Heritage including how our Unitarian Universalist heritage is changing, how the re-emerging field of epigenetics is influencing how … read more.

Spiritual Challenge on Heritage

SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE for OCTOBER  2023 on the theme of HERITAGE  – Epigenetics and You

This I challenge you to reflect on your life in the light of the re-emerging evolutionary focus on epigenetics.

The Center for Disease Control defines epigenetics as the study of how your behaviors … read more.

Resources on Heritage

Reflect on HERITAGE

What story told by (or about) your ancestors has shaped you the most?

What is your favorite family memento? And why does it have such a hold on you?

What’s the legacy of your first embarrassment? And of your first award/triumph?

We usually think of heritage … read more.

Resources on Welcome

Reflect on WELCOME

What’s one of the biggest changes you’ve welcomed into your life that few people know about? Who surprisingly tried to stand in the way of that change? Who surprisingly supported the change?

Tell me about self-acceptance: What part of you is the hardest for … read more.

Spiritual Challenge for September

Welcome What Comes Your Way this month.
Live Yesly for a month and do a Yes and No audit of your life.

This month’s spiritual challenge based on the theme of Welcome is grounded in the practice and … read more.