Month: May 2022

From our Minister  May, 2022

Your vocation in life comes from where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.
~ Frederick Buechner 

I love this quote from theologian Frederick Buechner. But I don’t limit its impact to vocation. It’s a great motivation for congregational life as well. While our … read more.

Religious Education News

by Sierra-Marie Gerfao, Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth 
Religious Education Survey Results 
Thank you to the eleven families that have responded to the Religious Education survey about the 2022-2023 year. If you have children or youth in your household and have not yet responded, … read more.

May Upcoming Events

Help needed with Buildings and Grounds

The spring is upon us and there are tasks that need to be done off-budget. The B&G team is very flexible and can work to meet your schedule. Please contact Gary Mummert via email if you can paint, use a … read more.

Notes on 200 Years (and More) May 2022

by Douglas H. Parkhurst

Of enduring interest to Unitarian Universalists (UUs), and of some curiosity too, is the symbol of the “off-center cross,” a circle enclosing open space with a small Latin cross in the lower left quadrant. It was and still is used today by … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

by Michele Cousens,

As you read this, UU Danbury will have just ended a successful Stewardship Campaign. Thanks to Captain Peter Horton, and to all of you who pledged for our 2022-2023 congregational year – we will all benefit from your generosity!

Now, what to … read more.

Religious Education May/June

Important Announcement About Sunday Services and Religious Education 

Beginning Sunday, May 1st and going through at least part of June, we will be experimenting with integrating Religious Education for children into Sunday services instead of having children go to separate programs during the services. … read more.