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Spiritual Challenge

SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE  – Experience a Poverty Simulation

It’s one thing to value justice and equity, but an entirely different thing to experience what life is like for those whose lives are defined by injustice and inequity. My challenge to you this month is to experience one or … read more.

Music at the Ridge

Lui Collins with Anand Nayak: Folk and Acoustic Concert in Danbury
4pm, Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday, February 11, 4 – 6pm EST Click HERE for Tickets

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury
24 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury, CT 06811

Folk singer/songwriter Lui Collins‘s repertoire, accompanied on tenor ukulele … read more.

Upcoming in Religious Education

Sunday, December 3rd – Regular Sunday morning programs followed by our multigenerational after-service holiday party; Junior High Youth Group holiday activities in the evening

Sunday, December 10th – Multigenerational Sunday Service with our Christmas Pageant (no other programs); Deadline for bringing in Mitten Tree gifts

Sunday, December … read more.

Music at the Ridge

Cee Songbird and the Sound Travelers are musicians with a mission:
to present real R&B and blues with integrity, knowledge and soul.

Sunday, December 3, 4 – 6pm EST

Click HERE for Tickets

Cee Songbird on Vocals is a native of NYC, born … read more.

November at a glance

Calendar  READ MORE

UU Danbury’s Wizard of GenerOZity Auction has ended. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it a success!

November Sunday Services – One Service at 10am READ MORE

Nov. 5 –  Generations Differ – Turner Bridgforth

Nov. 12 –  A Generous View … read more.

Spiritual Challenge for Nov. 2023: Generosity

Cultivate an Attitude of Abundance

My challenge to you for this month is to practice cultivating an abundance mindset. Abundance is sometimes presented in a magical thinking framework where if a person just has the right frame of mind, adopts positive thinking, and banishes negativity, riches … read more.

Pathways to Membership

After the Service October 15 from 11-12:30, if interested, plan to attend: Pathway to Membership,
• Learn about Unitarian Universalism 
• Discover what UU Danbury can offer you 
• Receive information about how to become a member 

The Membership Team at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury is invites … read more.

August Spiritual Challenge

This month’s spiritual challenge is on the theme of FUN.

Rev. Tony’s Spiritual Challenge

There’s more than one way to have fun. Just as people have different senses of humor, people have also different style of play. What’s fun to you, may be boring or even … read more.

Our New Minister

We welcome Reverend Tony Lorenzen as UU Danbury’s new minister!

Rev. Tony’s time with us begins August 1, and his first scheduled Sunday in the pulpit will be August 20.
Rev. Tony lives in Woodbury, where his wife (Tuesday Rupp) is the rector at St. Paul’s Episocopal … read more.