Month: August 2023

Congregational Vote October 8th

Your Board has received lots of complaints about sound quality during Sunday services, and after much research and deliberation we are recommending that acoustic panels be installed on the ceiling and walls of Fellowship Hall. We are soliciting comments from the congregation at two public … read more.

Welcome New Members

Dale and Jonathan Hill

Ms. Dale Hill is an economist and evaluator with over 35 years’ experience in international development. The Hills attended River Road UU congregation in the DC area from 1996 until two years ago, when the couple moved to CT to live … read more.

Resources on Welcome

Reflect on WELCOME

What’s one of the biggest changes you’ve welcomed into your life that few people know about? Who surprisingly tried to stand in the way of that change? Who surprisingly supported the change?

Tell me about self-acceptance: What part of you is the hardest for … read more.

Spiritual Challenge for September

Welcome What Comes Your Way this month.
Live Yesly for a month and do a Yes and No audit of your life.

This month’s spiritual challenge based on the theme of Welcome is grounded in the practice and … read more.

September Services

September Services – One Service at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, September 3rd – A Cooperative Game – Rev. Craig Schwalenberg
Would you like to play a game? Which game? You choose. The game isn’t important to me. If we play together, then they’re all … read more.

Share the Plate

The Sunday Services Team would like to return to monthly “Share the Plate” contributions starting in January 2024, on the first Sunday of the month. We’re in the process of forming a committee devoted only to “Share the Plate”, with an additional goal of updating the … read more.

Ministry/Team News

Our Caring Circle is Available

Our ‘Care Coordinator’ receives requests and answers questions for the Caring Circle.

Andrea Andersen is the contact person for September and October.
Joan Campbell is the assistant.
If you have a need, please contact Andrea 

 Please note that your call will be returned as quickly as … read more.

September Events

Music at the Ridge presents Jim Scott in Concert
– Sunday, Sept. 10, 4pm

Jim Scott is a composer, guitarist and singer whom Pete Seeger called “some kind of magician”. He creates and performs music for a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Jim was part … read more.