Are you looking for a community of all ages where your family can be met with care and acceptance, and where all family members can develop their values or explore their questions and beliefs? 

Find out about programs starting this fall

We offer nursery care during Sunday services for young children, and child-directed, play-centered ministry for older children who attend in-person and do not wish to stay in the service on Sunday mornings. For children who do wish to attend the service, we have a collection of toys, art materials, and fidgets available for them to use while they listen. 

On various days and times, we offer a number of additional programs for children of all ages, and we offer two youth groups, one for kids in middle school and the other for teens in high school. Note that while nursery care is offered year-round, programs and ministries for older children, teens, and their families are typically held only during the school-year, September through early June. 

Find out what we are doing this month

We welcome visiting families! Please feel free to fill out a contact form before you visit so we can reach out with information about the programs we will be offering at the time of your visit. You can also contact our Direction of Religious Education for Children and Youth. We would be happy to talk about any accessibility needs you or your kids have as well, so we can offer your family the best possible welcome.

When you come on Sunday, please have children wear comfortable clothing appropriate for play, including outdoor play, whatever the weather. If it is raining, rain coats and rain boots are helpful if available. If it is snowing, please don’t forget coats, hats, gloves, and snow boots for your kids, if you have them. Sunscreen is recommended on sunny days, regardless of the temperature. Teens usually dress however they are most comfortable, but when the weather is cold, layers are suggested even if they aren’t doing outdoor activities, as the youth room can vary in temperature. 

Some of the things we offer for children include but are not limited to parent groups of several kinds, a Montessori-style introduction to religious topics for young children, opportunities to learn together about neighboring faiths, an all ages social group, preparing for a big trip with our high school youth group, and more. We look forward to welcoming you and your family sometime soon!