The following books are especially good for introducing people to Unitarian Universalism.

A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism,
by John Buehrens and F. Forrester Church

What is UUism all about? This introduction to the faith is presented in ten chapters and features a useful chronology of Unitarian Universalist history.

Being Liberal in an Illiberal Age: Why I Am a Unitarian Universalist, by Jack Mendelsohn
Personal statement about the power of liberalism in our changing society and fascinating history of Unitarian Universalism’s influence.

Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide, edited by William F. Schulz
A compact UU guide which contains concise summaries of Unitarian Universalist beliefs, practices and history. Includes information on the history and structure of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

These additional books provide a comprehensive view of Unitarian Universalist history and ideas.

The Unitarians and the Universalists
, by David Robinson
The story of two faiths that were finally united. Contains thorough biographical dictionary.

Prophetic Sisterhood: Liberal Women Ministers of the Frontier 1880-1930,
by Cynthia Grant Tucker

The Liberal Christians: Essays on American Unitarian History, by Conrad Wright
Unitarianism developed and flourished in America. The Liberal Christians explores this phenomenon.

The Larger Faith: A Short History of American Universalism, by Charles Howe
This colorful history traces the struggles and evolution of the Universalist denomination.

The Larger Hope, 2 volumes, by Russell E. Miller
Surveys the Universalist evolution over a period of 200 years. The most comprehensive history of the American Universalist Church.

The Premise and the Promise: The Story of Unitarian Universalist Association,
by Warren E Ross

Unitarian Universalism: A Narrative History,
by David E. Bumbaugh

The Eye of Unitarianism: Original Writings from the History of Liberal Religion,

by David B Parke

Compiled by Doug Parkhurst