Spiritual Challenge

SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE  – Experience a Poverty Simulation

It’s one thing to value justice and equity, but an entirely different thing to experience what life is like for those whose lives are defined by injustice and inequity. My challenge to you this month is to experience one or more poverty simulations and reflect on it.  How did the simulation affect your thinking about poverty and people living in poverty? How did the simulation affect you emotionally?  Here are some free and readily available poverty simulations for you to explore:

SPENT at https://playspent.org/ – is a free online game simulation from Urban Ministries of Durham that takes you through a series of choices in a “choose your own adventure” format. 

COPE – at https://thinktank-inc.org/vcope – is an online version of an in-depth live action simulation run by Think Tank Rethink Poverty.

MONOPOLY – Yes, the classic board game. Play with at least three other people, but instead of every player starting the game with $1,500, draw lots for starting positions as follows:

Player 1 – Goes first and starts the game with $6,000. Player 1 begins the game on Boardwalk already owning Boardwalk, Park Place, and all Green Properties – all with hotels already on them, as well as all the Railroads, and both utilities, and one of the Get out of Jail Free cards.

Player 2 – Goes second and starts with $3,000. Player 2 begins the game on Illinois Ave, already owning all the red properties – each with three houses already on them – and double the usual starting money.

Player 3 – Goes third and starts with $1500. Player 3 begins the game on Oriental Ave. already owning all the Light Blue Properties.

Player 4 – (and if there’s more people, all the rest of the players) – Goes last and starts with No money. Player(s) 4 (and 5,6, etc.) begins the game on GO.

Other than this starting arrangement all Monopoly rules apply as usual.

As always, I’d love to know how you did with this challenge.  Text me or call me at 508-344-3668 or email me at revtony@pm.me.