May Services

May Services – One Service at 10:00 AM at UUCD
and via Zoom email for Zoom link

Sunday, May 1st 
Celebrating Generosity Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Rudoff 

Our Stewardship Campaign ends and we welcome new members into our beloved community. It is a time of celebrating the many forms of generosity in the congregation! 

Sunday, May 8th 
The Wisdom of Broken Things         Rev. Kimberley Debus 
Where do we find wisdom when times are hard, nerves are frayed, and conflict breaks our relationships? We will turn to the sages as we ponder the lessons broken things can teach us about vulnerability, nurturing, and forgiveness. 

Rev. Kimberley Debus is a community minister based in Takoma Park, Maryland, inspiring an artful and art-filled faith. She consults with congregations and religious professionals throughout the denomination. She is joyfully affiliated with the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, Nebraska, and has previously served at the Church of the Larger Fellowship as well as congregations on Long Island and Key West. 

Sunday, May 15th 
The Theology Of Louis Armstrong             Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Rudoff 

What a Wonderful World is a song by Louis Armstrong that exhibits an expectation of hope and a theology of wonder. We need this in our lives. 

Sunday, May 22nd         
Senior High and Bridging Sunday Senior High Youth Group 
Led by the youth group, this service will include a bridging ritual, honoring the journey of high school seniors who are passing over the bridge between youth and young adulthood. 

Sunday, May 29th 
Called to Serve         Rev. Nicole McKay 

At every juncture in our lives, we are asked to be attentive to that still small voice inside that guides us on our way. This is the journey of discernment which is revealed to us slowly over time and it is our responsibility to stay curious about how these callings will play out. This Sunday, join Nicole as she shares how she has come to discern her call to ministry as a Unitarian Universalist military chaplain, and how your own life’s journey is helping you bring your gifts and talents in service to the wider world. 

Rev. Nicole is a Unitarian Universalist who completed her seminary studies at the University of Toronto. Nicole joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2005 and is currently posted to Canadian Forces Base Borden, about an hour north of Toronto. She is the first Unitarian Universalist military chaplain in Canada. Nicole shares her life with her partner Graeme, their children, and their cats.