Religious Education News

by Sierra-Marie Gerfao, Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth 
Religious Education Survey Results 
Thank you to the eleven families that have responded to the Religious Education survey about the 2022-2023 year. If you have children or youth in your household and have not yet responded, please click here to do so. Here is some of what we have found so far: 

  • The two most common ministry needs families are expressing right now are:
    – Social connection
    – Shared values and opportunities to gather to care for the earth and other people 
  • 9 out of 11 families have reported scheduling conflicts with Sunday morning programming, either seasonally or throughout the year 
  • Most commonly, families expect they will be available to attend two or fewer Sundays per month 
  • Our Whole Lives and Coming of Age are two high priority programs for families, and a number of families are willing to rearrange other commitments to ensure attendance for these programs (but may not be able to do them on Sunday mornings) 
  • The two most popular options for experiments with family ministry in the coming year are monthly family dinners (4 out of 11 respondents) and a monthly family social justice, social action, or social service activity (6 out of 11 respondents) 

Thank you so much for your donations to the Easter Religious Education fundraiser to support refugees from Ukraine and elsewhere. As of this writing, we’ve received $550. The children decided to split the funds evenly ($183.33 each) between the three organizations this fundraiser was designed to support:

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Emergency Relief Fund
The Hungarian Unitarian Church’s Providence Charity Organization
The International Refugee Assistance Project