From the Board of Trustees

“Where is the front door?”

That was the question I was asked by a perplexed lady walking in the north parking lot. She was visiting the UUCD for the first time before our February 4th Sunday Service. As a relative newcomer myself, I have had moments of confusion also. This confusion cannot only be blamed on my senior status.

For example, the Foyer in the Fellowship Hall has evolved over the years to hold many things appearing cluttered and confusing.

As a result of comments from newcomers and members, your Board is now taking a hard look at what befalls those who enter the UUCD.

They have set up the “Entry Task Force” which is chaired by Keith Henderson. Members include Randy Becker, Nancy Cullen, Suze Shaner, and me. This is a short-term task force to convene until roughly mid-April.

Our “hands-on” work has begun. You are reading this article after task force members have already started to give the “Lobby” or “Foyer” space a facelift.  

As part of the protocol for any task force formed by your Board, we have a “Charter” we would like to share:

Entry Task Force Charter

Purpose: To reimagine the entry into our space (Note 1) in a way that makes it both more appealing and more functional.


  1. Create a useful and welcoming experience for both visitors and members
  2. Be selective in what we include, but consider the pathway from entering our property into our meeting spaces
  3. Create an informative & educational experience for visitors
  4. Emphasize our Family Ministry work especially with youth.
  5. Create a space that is both aesthetic (decluttered and appealing) and functional 

(Note 1: Entry includes the parking lot with signage to provide clarity about what building and door to enter, as well as beautifying the foyer [or lobby] in the Fellowship Hall.)

Please help us with your comments and feedback. Together, we can make the UUCD more welcoming!