Beginning Our Journey Beyond Land Acknowledgement

Beginning Our Journey Beyond Land Acknowledgement

By Nancy Hershatter, Todd Zagorec, and Darlene Anderson-Alexander

Last month, we were honored to welcome the Clan Mother and Tribal Head Leader of the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe, Shoran Waupatukuay Piper, to our pulpit. It was a wonderful way for us to begin to build a relationship with the people whose ancestors first lived on the land now known as Clapboard Ridge Road. The Clan Mother gave all of us an opportunity to learn so much about Paugussett history, culture and tribal/family life. Her presentation radiated the joy and pride that can only come from being rooted and connected to one’s present and past, and passionately committed to preserving that connection for generations to come. We were inspired and uplifted by her stories of resilience and survival. We were grateful for Ms. Piper’s time, thoughtful responses to our questions and willingness to dialogue with us and imagine aloud where this tentative beginning can lead us. The Clan Mother offered the following resources for us to learn more about and support her people. Please consider liking and following the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe on social media and/or sharing these links below with your friends:


Native American History is Connecticut History


The Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Reservation




We are looking forward to what will unfold as we move beyond our land acknowledgement statement in the coming months and hope that you will join us.