Ceremonies and Rituals

Our minister performs a variety of services for members and non-members alike:

Child Dedications (Baby Naming):

Rather than holding a Christian-style baptism or christening, our congregation has child dedication ceremonies for infants and children. These ceremonies are usually crafted by the parents, our minister and our DRE working closely together.

The service may include the following elements:

  • A blessing for the new life of the child
  • An expression of the parent or parents’ hopes for the child
  • A promise by the congregation to support and nurture the child

If you are interested in having your child dedicated by our minister, either in your home or at the Fellowship Hall, please be in touch at the number listed below.

Memorial Services/Funerals:

Services to honor loved ones who have passed on are  very personal occasions. In ourcongregation, these services are developed by the family of the deceased and the minister to specially honor the memory of that individual.

The service may include the following elements:

  • A eulogy
  • Poems and other readings
  • Prayer or meditation
  • A time to remember the deceased with stories and memories
  • Hymn singing or other music
  • A time for personal reflection

If you would like to have our minister preside over a funeral or memorial service, please contact the number listed below.


Couples come to us to help celebrate their marriages for many reasons — some of those reasons are:
– We are more open and flexible about the design of the ceremony.
– We will perform ceremonies for couples from different faith traditions.
– Membership in our church is not required in order to be married by our clergy.
– Our ministers often are willing to officiate “off-site” — in parks, private homes, and other venues.
– We do not stigmatize couples who have been cohabiting prior to marriage, or because one or both parties have been    married previously.
– We are a “Welcoming Congregation” and perform weddings for gay and lesbian couples.

Why do we operate this way? Because our church places a high value on the dignity in human relationships. We do not think there is any single “right” way to plan a wedding. We are concerned about facilitating the growth of a mutually blessed relationship and helping to lay the groundwork for the next phase of your lives.

Pastoral Care:

Whether you’re searching for meaning, mending a broken heart, dealing with a chronic illness or simply needing some support, we are here for you. This congregation has its own special way of connecting and caring: our minister and the Caring Ministry are available to help get you through your time of need.

Please call 1-203-798-1994 for more information.