From the Board of Trustees

Your Board of Trustees met on Thursday, November 11, 2021. It was a marathon meeting that lasted until 10:00pm, as we wrestled with the difficult decisions that have faced us all fall. Who should wear a mask? Should we require vaccinations? Can we sing? How many folks can be safely present in Fellowship Hall? And many, many more as we try to navigate this once-in-a-hundred years global pandemic.

I want to say once again that we have tried to balance safe practices with community building and inclusiveness. Being together in person is important, but so is the health of every single member! “Back to normal” is perhaps far in the future, if ever. Still, we can take baby steps that bring us closer to that time. Meanwhile, our fabulous new technology enables some of us to stay home if that makes sense.

As we enter the holiday season we have much to celebrate. We are able to be together in Fellowship Hall, even if the numbers are reduced. Our annual auction was a resounding success, and we can be proud that it included an attempt to live our 8th Principle. We are coming to know and love our new minister, Rev. Kathleen, who consistently reminds us to take care of ourselves even as we figure out how to manage the “new normal.”

Please come to any of us on the Board with your suggestions. Once a month one of us will host a breakout room after the Sunday service to answer your questions. (It’s my turn this month.) And from all of us: have a wonderful, love-filled holiday season, however you celebrate!

Diane Purvis