March Services

March Services – One Service at 10:00 AM at UUCD
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Sunday, March 6 
Don’t Forget the Soil! Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Rudoff 

Imagine a magical garden on the UUCD campus where flowers bloom year-round and each of us is a valued caretaker of that garden. Those flowers are our children and youth that require sunshine, water, and tender loving care in order to thrive. Are we prepared to commit ourselves to being a village that nurtures the spiritual growth of it’s children and youth? Get out your gloves and rakes! 

Sunday, March 13
Spiritual Resilience    Dianne M. Daniels
An exploration of the cluster of beliefs, values and habits that we beautiful, imperfect human beings can learn, cultivate and reinforce in order to encourage the growth and strength of our spirits and our souls. 

Dianne M. Daniels is a recent graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry and has been a committed Unitarian Universalist for more than 20 years. She enjoys walking, music (especially jazz and R&B), reading and restoring her family’s 1850’s vintage Greek Revival home.

Sunday, March 20
Feeding our Neighbors, Feeding Ourselves Lay-led service

Engaging with the Dorothy Day Hospitality House has been an important part of social action at UUCD for decades. Members and friends of all ages have served meals, prepared meals, and supported the good work at Dorothy Day. In feeding our hungry neighbors we feed our hungry spirits and bring the compassion of UUCD to the wider community. This service will feature stories from several of our members who have been moved by their volunteer experiences.

Sunday, March 27
Who Do They Say I Am?    Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Rudoff 

Identity is defined as the fact of being who a person is. What does it mean to identify as a Unitarian Universalist? Who do those around us say that UUCD is? Let’s claim our identity and celebrate who we are as a beloved community!