From the Board of Trustees

 by Marie Dupree, Treasurer

As most of you know, UUCD is celebrating it’s 200 year anniversary. And of that 200 years, Keith and I have been members for more than a quarter of those years! We first came here three weeks before I gave birth to my son, Jonathan. He was born in November 1969. We soon became members. We have been involved with UUCD for these many years. 

Keith was president in 1972. The first time I was Treasurer was in 1971. I have served as Treasurer several different times. I also was Board President in 1987. I said I would only be President if I did not have to speak before the group until the Annual Meeting. That was not to be: three weeks into my Presidency, the RE building went up in flames. This was on Picketts Ridge Road in West Redding. So I held my first meeting in the “Barn” in front of the whole congregation to figure out how we were going to proceed! “When life gives you lemons then make lemonade” – that was and is my philosophy. 

UUCD has been an integral part of our lives and my kids lives. This group is supportive, it has defined my beliefs and supported our family in good times and bad. The Unitarian Universalist religion has given me strength to survive the various stages of life. UUCD has given me so many friendships who accept me as a liberal, thinking outside of the box and who I am. 

I feel privileged to be a long-time member of UUCD. I extend an invitation to sit down with me and Keith to tell you our story and to learn more about you and your story!