Questions for the Minister

For the remainder of this congregational year, Rev. Kathleen will answer a question that has been frequently asked by members of the congregation. 

“I miss the way we used to drop stones in a bowl during Milestones.
Are you going to put that back in the service?” 

I know that there are a number of things that were traditionally done at UUCD prior to the pandemic, and some of those things are sorely missed. What I want all of us to do is think about why some traditions and rituals are important to us. Why do we feel compelled to do these things? And what will bringing something back mean to all those who have become part of UUCD since the start of the pandemic – those who have not had the experience of engaging in these traditions? 

For me, dropping the stones in water is a beautiful way to make the shared milestones accessible to those who may not be comfortable sharing with words. It also adds a tangible element to that portion of the service. Having an opportunity during our shared milestones on Sunday mornings to drop a stone in a bowl of water is a tradition that I look forward to reviving sometime during the month of April. I am working with the Sunday Services Team on reintroducing that ritual in a way that both honors the tradition and offers a new approach that signifies a new time in the life of the congregation. 
Please feel free to reach out with other questions, concerns, and suggestions. I love hearing from you!