June Events

Sunday Service Workshop For All!
Wednesday, June 22, 7-8pm

This one-hour workshop is for anyone who would like to learn how to plan a lay led service, what the order of service is all about, and other fun facts about Sunday services. This will be a multiplatform offering taking place in the lower Fellowship Hall and online (link sent after registration). Please register by emailing Rev. Kathleen.

Senior Chair Yoga Classes Planned at UUCD
by Joe Gillotti

It has become abundantly clear to almost all of us that physiological stress, uncertainty, civil unrest, and radicalization of much of the population is an ever-increasing national problem. What can we do? The first and most important duty is to ourselves, to take care of ourselves at a different level. Exercise, cultivating stronger mental capabilities, spiritually and physically during these trying times is one of the most stable activities a senior person can strive towards.
Chair Yoga is a powerful and at the same time gentle technique in helping a person feel stronger and more balanced with simple stretching exercises while sitting on a chair, or standing and stretching while holding on to the back of a chair. Additional Yoga techniques to be included are breath control, brief meditation practice and what can be the beginning of greater expansion of consciousness through a better understanding of one’s self.
Only for those interested, an additional 30-minute class will be added which will include Yoga Philosophy and Consciousness Awareness. All participants must contact their doctor or medical provider to gain approval to attend this Chair Yoga Class.
For those interested in this 6 week, 1 hour class (to start with), please contact Joe Gillotti to register, space is limited. This class is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday June 6th, at 10:00 a.m. in the lower level of the Fellowship Hall.
If you questions or concerns feel free to call Joe Gillotti any evening during the week after 7:00 pm

UUCD Men Conversing over Coffee meets on the second Wednesday of each month.
Our next meeting is on Wednesday, June 8th at 9:30am at UUCD in the Fellowship Hall
Lower Level. For more information contact Gary Mummert or Joe Gillotti.