200th Year Anniversary

Marking 200 years can be a challenge. We have been making plans. We hope over the last year you’ve seen Doug Parkhurst’s articles on our history in the Comment. We have a new quilt in the works thanks to the leadership of Marcia Brooker. Others have also been planning. Be on the look out for visitations, not from ghosts of our past, but ministers. Babara Pescan, Barbara Fast, and Daniel O’Connell will be conducting services this fall and other minister’s from our history will be sending special greetings. October 16th we will be joined by Lauren Smith, the UUA’s Director of Stewardship and Development bringing us a special message. We will follow that with a 200th Anniversary brunch. During the luncheon we will be conducting a UUCD trivia contest. We hope you’ve seen some of the historical facts we’ve been posting on Sunday mornings before the service. How many answers do you know before they are revealed? A special anniversary package of a book of our history, a bumper sticker celebrating our 200th, and a special gift will be available. So, grab your book, and start preparing to showoff your UUCD trivia smarts on October 16th. And please, proudly display our 200th Anniversary bumper sticker. Here’s to another 200 years!