Living our “green” values

From Team Green  by Barbara Myers 

We were all proud in 2018 when UU Danbury was awarded a Level 3 “Green House of Worship” certificate by the Inter-religious Eco-Justice Network of CT. Perhaps you have seen it hanging over the water fountain in our Fellowship Hall! Now that we are “back” together onsite, Team Green reminds you that we need to live our “green” values on campus. Some practices we need to return to: 

As evidenced by our 200th Celebration, we have an enormous amount of silverware, plates, cups, glasses and dessert dishes available. And TWO working dishwashers! So… we urge no use of plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups, glasses – unless as a backup (example: dishwashers are broken) 

Restrict use of paper towels and plastic tablecloths where possible – we have 12 dishcloths and 6 tablecloths in the kitchen! Folks are available to launder it all, too! 

After events, try not to throw food away – cookies and baked goods can go in the freezer for upcoming coffee hours. There are aluminum containers on the kitchen shelves for leftovers folks can take home. 

Use the compost bucket (with its compostable bags) in the kitchen for non-meat food scraps and coffee grounds (Coffee makers, kudos to you for continuing to do this!) 

Continue to put recycling objects in their dedicated containers, and trash in its own container. 

Milkweed seeds available at UUCD 

Monarch butterflies depend on milkweed, and we can create food for them. Milkweed seeds are dispersing now, so one can capture some seeds easily. They can be found at the end of the retaining wall near the compost tumbler.