Music at the Ridge Nov. 6, 2022

Pat Wictor is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist who spent most of his growing-up years in South America and Europe, and he claims many cultures as influences on his writing and performing. Tickets to his Music at the Ridge concert November 6 are now on sale at, or through Join us!!

On October 2, our new live acoustic music series, Music at the Ridge, opened to a full house of enthusiastic audience members who gave Pete and Maura Kennedy a standing ovation at the conclusion of two 45 minute sets of mostly original songs accompanied by high-energy dueling guitars and gorgeous harmonies. The audience was comprised of longtime fans of the Kennedys as well as first-timers, some of them UU’s who wanted to support the series. Both groups had a wonderful time, and were enthusiastic about coming back next month for more wonderful music.