November Services

One Service at 10:00 AM at UUCD
and via Zoom email for Zoom link

Sunday, November 6      What Are You Doing Here?     Rev. Daniel O’Connell

Through old and new religious voices, this persistent question endures. It is asked of individuals, groups, even– congregations. 

Rev. Dr. Daniel O’Connell, comes from several generations of Disciples of Christ ministers. As a Unitarian Universalist minister Daniel served churches in Danbury, CT; St. Louis, MO; and Houston, TX. He served on various regional and national denominational boards with distinction. He co-founded the UU Voice for Justice, a rapid response social justice network. In early 2018, Daniel left the UU ministry and now enjoys occasional preaching & helping Texans find health insurance, both for those under and over age 65.

Sunday, November 13      The Gift of Humility     Rev. Dr. Kathleen Rudoff

As we approach gift-giving season, whether tentatively with dread, or head-on with excitement, let’s take a moment and consider a virtue found in Hebrew and Christian scriptures, as well as in Islam, Buddhism and writings by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: humility. It’s a priceless gift worthy of our attention. 

Sunday Connections for Newcomers – Newcomers are invited to join Rev. Kathleen after the service on Sunday, November 13, in the Fellowship Hall for an informal get-acquainted session. Let us know what brought you here. What questions do you have about Unitarian Universalism and about our Danbury congregation? The November 13th Sunday Connections will be an in person only session. If attending an in person session is difficult, please reach out to Membership Co-Chair Heather Smith about setting up a Zoom Connections session in the near future.

Sunday, November 20        Giving Thanks – a multigenerational service of Thanksgiving 

Revs. Kathleen Rudoff and Sierra-Marie will lead this special service for all ages and there will be special music to enjoy. This will be a wonderful service to invite your friends and family to participate in person or online. 

Our Share-the-Plate offering will go to Danbury Area Refugee Assistance (DARA). DARA is a nonprofit organization that resettles refugee families, providing advocacy and support as they work toward self-sufficiency to become productive members of our community.

Sunday, November 27    An Awkward Truth     Rev. Michael O’Sullivan

There is at the heart of Unitarianism an awkward truth, a truth that doesn’t sit well in a world craving definitions and rigid certainty. 

Like many Irish Unitarians, Mike chose the Unitarian faith rather than being born into it. Born and raised a Roman Catholic, he began his journey into religious life by studying for the catholic priesthood. Having decided this was not the path for him, he left and pursued a highly successful career as a radio disc jockey. Along the way, having left his catholic roots, Mike became a Unitarian being drawn by the open and inclusive approach to religion. With much hesitancy, uncertainty and a lot of apprehension he began studies as a student minister. He was ordained in 2017 and took up the position as minister to the church in Cork. In his five years he has undertaken a renovation of the Cork church which dates back to 1717 and has like many others faced the challenges of ministering during Covid. Mike is married to Kay who is an educator, as is their daughter. Mike cites his major influence as being the episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong.