An open letter about the UUA and “Article II”

Dear ones, 

Article II (two) of the UUA Bylaws defines the principles and purposes of the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association). It’s where the 7 principles and the 6 sources are spelled out. These were adopted in 1984(!) and have not changed substantially since.

Several years ago a “study commission” was appointed to thoroughly revise and update this purpose statement. You can see the charge they were given here. I encourage you to read this thoughtfully and to browse the UUA website some time, I’ve spent many hours exploring the wisdom stored there! For those of you who heard Rev. Sierra-Marie’s words on 11-13-22 (recorded here – start at 13:10), she did an excellent job of introducing the proposed changes to Article II. 

The current version of Article II just states the principles and sources. The study commission has released a new draft which is mostly prose but includes a graphic version of the proposed new “principles” and definitions. As the study commission says: 

This draft makes significant changes to Article II. We invite you to read it using one of the practices we have started following in our work: 

1. Read it the first time to observe how it makes you feel. 

2. Read a second time, observe what it makes you think. 

3. Finally read it a third time before thinking about any suggestions. 

Folks, this is what discernment looks like in action! 

The UUA does nothing quickly. The Study Commission will present its final draft to the UUA Board in January for inclusion on the agenda for General Assembly (GA) 2023, in June in Pittsburgh. It will then be the subject of mini-Assemblies before the initial vote at GA 2023. If it passes that delegate vote by a majority, it will require a 2/3 majority vote at GA 2024 to become the new Article II of the Bylaws. 

I encourage you to set aside time to study and contemplate the proposed changes to Article II, and then to discuss them with other UU’s. And I’m hoping UUCD can send a van-load of people to GA June 21-25 in Pittsburgh! Keep an eye out for registration info for that in the coming months, and know that UUCD will provide scholarships to those with financial need. 

Thank you for your commitment to Unitarian Universalism in this changing world. 

With gratitude and love, 

Margaret Henderson
UUCD Board President