From the Board of Trustees

by Gina Cassetta

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to extend the Board’s appreciation for Gary and the other volunteers I have witnessed helping as well. You may have noticed some improvements in the buildings and grounds authorized by the Board… Gary and his assistant David have completed the deck repair plus some other projects that were urgent to complete before winter and have nearly finished creating a new trash area. We are also grateful to announce that the Board of Trustees is now fully staffed and functioning well as a group!

A few things of note from our November Board of Trustees meeting: 

  • The Auction Committee suggested the Board members donate a few holiday-related items and services to the holiday “pre-auction”. 
  • In keeping with the 8th Principle, Margaret suggested we discuss the UUA’s 2022-23 Common Read: Mistakes and Miracles: Congregations on the Road to Multiculturalism by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin. The Board felt it would be beneficial to UUCD given our location in a diverse city and the obvious minimal diversity represented in our membership. We have also been charged by the UUA’s Commission for Cultural Change to eradicate white supremacy in ourselves, our communities, and the wider world. The book explores the journeys of five UU congregations who braved the process of creating the multicultural Beloved Community with varying degrees of success. Along the way, however, they experienced growth through the frustration and joys of connection. Since the Social Action Council is not very active at this time, the Board hoped there might be two or three people who are willing to lead a group read of this book (386 pages). Randy Becker has come forward – is anyone else interested? There are discussion guides available ( to assist in leading four sessions, to be held later this winter. As part of our faith formation, the book offers methods to assist in honest conversations and practices to assist in creating an anti-oppressive space. To borrow a theme from one of Rev. Kathleen’s recent sermons, may we have the humility to recognize when we have not done so. 

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday in this season of hope.