February Services

All of those speaking this month will be in person at our Fellowship Hall

One Service at 10:00 AM at UUCD
and also available via Zoom – email officemanager@uudanbury.org for Zoom link

Sunday, February 5     The Religion that Says “Yes” to Life     
Randy Becker 

Most religions form around a core of practices intended to obey, appease, or please some greater entities and/or earn some great eternal reward. Even in the absence of such “gods,” religions tend to form around limitations and prohibitions; “don’t live with attachment,” “don’t worship differently,” “don’t focus on worldly things,”etc. Such religious sentiments endeavor to keep us from our innate human nature by saying, again and again, loudly, “NO.” But what would a religion look like, sound like, feel like if it were to say “YES” to who we are and our potential? 

The Rev. Dr. Randolph “Randy” Becker is a life-long Universalist Unitarian who has served in the Unitarian Universalist Religious and Parish Ministries for over 50 years. Now, in retirement, he calls the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury his community of faith. 

Sunday, February 12     Music Stories Part I – Man in Black
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Rudoff 

Johnny Cash was a man known the world over – known for his music and many contradictions. His life story of music, passion, pain, and so much more, has lessons for all of us. We take our first look in Music Stories Part I with his song Man in Black and special music from our own Jerry Phelps. 

Sunday Connections for Newcomers – Newcomers are invited to join Rev. Kathleen after the service on Sunday, February 12th , in the Fellowship Hall for an informal get-acquainted session. Let us know what brought you here. What questions do you have about Unitarian Universalism and about our Danbury congregation? The February 12th Sunday Connections will be an in-person only session. If you are interested in setting up a virtual Sunday Connections, please reach out to officemanager@uudanbury.org

Sunday, February 19     Music Stories Part II – Walk the Line     
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Rudoff

We continue the music stories series with Johnny Cash’s song I’ll Walk the Line, and a poignant quote from his wife, June Carter Cash. Connections to the values we hold as Unitarian Universalists are evident in the Johnny Cash musical story. 

Sunday, February 26     From Roots to Forest     
Rev. Sierra-Marie Gerfao,
 Director of Religious Education 

Loosely inspired by “biomimicry” (which means learning from strategies of nature), this is a service on growth.