Coming in March

“Mistakes and Miracles,” the Unitarian Universalist Common Read

The discussions of “Mistakes and Miracles,” the Unitarian Universalist Common Read for 2023, will occur in March. The start has been delayed until after the recent restocking of the book at the UUA bookstore (also available through Amazon). Watch the March Comment for details of why, when, where, etc. If you want more information contact Randy Becker.

Save the Date: March 12

An All-Congregation Event Please reserve March 12th on your calendar. We need everyone’s participation! After our Sunday service, we will have an all-congregation workshop to re-envision and work on a congregational strategic plan for the future of our ministries for children and youth. We have been encouraged by the UUA regional staff to do this workshop to help us communicate to minister candidates about the vision of the congregation for this part of our ministries. 

When a congregation is building a ministry for children and youth from scratch (as this congregation will be doing over the next six years as the majority of this congregation’s young people age out), it requires the efforts of the entire congregation. While our Director of Religious Education and the Religious Education Ministry Team will be providing key leadership and expertise in this process, the vision must come from the whole congregation.