From Our Director of Religious Education For Children and Youth

Dear Congregation, 

You won’t be seeing children and teens around much at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury over the coming months. The reason for this is that many of our families have made an intensive commitment to Our Whole Lives sexuality education programs for the rest of the school-year. 

These programs meet at times and in places that don’t make them visible to you on Sunday mornings. But rest assured, on a weekly basis, we have the participation of at least fourteen children and teens. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to connect across the generations anyway through this year’s Mystery Buddies program. 

Meanwhile, the sexuality education these kids are receiving is vital and life-giving. I want to heartily thank volunteers Lisa Horton, Sequoia Lowe, Julie Tramontana, Jacqui Kaplan, David Parr, Keith Henderson, and Jeff Asher for their faithful work on these programs. 

And while we continue to offer kids meaningful ministries every Sunday, we are also looking toward the future. The ministries that this congregation will offer to children and teens in Greater Danbury in another six or seven years when the group of kids moving through our current ministries have aged out will come from foundations we build now. 

Congregations that want to build a ministry for children and youth don’t usually do it by accident. They decide what they want to do and then make plans for how to get there. I am excited about engaging with you in this process! Please don’t forget to mark the March 12 all-congregation vision/strategic plan workshop on your calendar. 

Warmly in Faith,