From the Board of Trustees

 by Peter Horton

 …the awkward truth – Rev. Michael O’Sullivan 

Nothing is certain but death and taxes 

 “we crave certainty…” “we seek certainty because it is a comfort” 

 As a faith we do not offer certainty 

 Certainty is a comfort. It’s why we plan for tomorrow 

 The uncertainty of the journey 

 In his UUCD sermon on November 27th, Rev. Michael O’Sullivan focused on the human need of certainty. From the certainty that our car will start in the morning to the certainty that our religious home will be here tomorrow. Rev. O’Sullivan stated that certainty is a comfort we seek and, at times, demand. Our sense of certainty allows us to plan for tomorrow. 

One of the underlying roles that the UUCD Board provides is the comfort and certainty that, as a faith community, we will be present for all of us who need and cherish this home. Members of the Board do not assume that certainty is a given. Most meetings are about uncertainties and how to ameliorate them. 

One such uncertainty is the recent announcement by Rev. Kathleen that she will be leaving UUCD at the end of this church year. The Board is already working to bring comfort back to our community by hiring a minister who will help give stability and guidance. It won’t be an easy task. Rev. Kathleen is an exceptional minister. 

What is certain about UUCD? We have a very generous financial community. We make space and support members who have a passion to share with this community; chair yoga, Death Buffet, Communications task force, fund raising through our annual auction just to name a few. 

We also have an awkward truth, to steal a phrase from Rev. O’Sullivan. We have the uncertainty of leadership. The Nominating Committee struggles to find good candidates to fill open leadership roles. Core committees, such as Sunday Services, Buildings and Grounds, and Social Action are in need of passionate and committed members. 

As a congregation we do know that our “car will start in the morning.” We do have the comfort that our members love this congregation and are attentive to it. And we do embrace the truth that our journey will always be uncertain. That is the nature of our faith community.