June Sunday Services

Sunday, June 4th Religious Education Sunday: On Mutuality
This service for all ages will be a celebration of ministries for children and youth. After the service, please head outside and down the pathway to the exterior doors of the Fellowship Hall’s lower level for a brief ceremony to dedicate our Little Community Library, donated by Melody Levy.

The Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury
will take place on Sunday, June 4, 2023 following the Sunday service.

Sunday, June 11th Music Sunday
Join us for a very special musical service on Sunday, June 11th, featuring the many, gifted musicians of UUCD. We hope you’ll come to bask in the music with us!

Please join us for Rev. Kathleen’s Farewell Party immediately following the June 11th service.

Sunday, June 18th Religion, the Sacred & the Profane: What Connects Us? Samantha McCoy
The concept of religion raises no shortage of questions. What does religion mean to you? What makes something sacred? What brings you to this UUCD community? Let’s explore some of the connections that make us a religious community.

Sunday, June 25th My Humbling Experience with White Privilege Dale Miller Hill
Dale Hill will describe, in storytelling style, selected experiences growing up in Richmond, VA, and later working in Washington DC for the World Bank. She will focus on what she learned at various stages of her life that shaped her attitudes toward white privilege, in hopes that there are lessons for others.