Thank You Notes

Thank you again for your generous support of DARA and our mission. We couldn’t do the vital work of helping our Danbury area refugee families without our generous donors. The donation from your congregation was sizable and allowed our young clients to take additional steps towards independence by contributing to purchasing two (new to them) cars. The vehicles allowed the recipients to look for better employment opportunities and enroll in college courses.

The donation was split between the young men, easing the financial burden and allowing them to consider more reliable vehicles. 

This is particularly important because independence is a paramount goal in refugee resettlement, and owning vehicles in our area plays a significant role in meeting that goal. In addition to the pride of ownership, cars mean reliable transportation to and from work, medical appointments, school, and other obligations. As we participate in our family’s arrival with little more than a few suitcases of belongings and assist them in building new lives, purchasing a car is a game changer and among the most significant milestones.

Please share our heartfelt gratitude with your congregation. Their generosity is paid forward multifold!